Published by Sebastian Preiss on April 26, 2016

Why use a robot?

Are you an ambitious binary trader, who would like to make a fast, reliable and sizable return on your investment? Are you eager to get off to the best possible start within binary trading? Would you like to avoid costly mistakes, time-consuming tutorials and unnecessary market analysis? Then, a binary robot might be exactly what you need.

A binary robot is a piece of advanced trading software that takes care of your binary trading. It analyses the financial markets based on a set algorithm, or the combination of several algorithms, looking for binary trading opportunities.

When the software indicates that a good trade is imminent, it will automatically execute the trade on behalf of traders who have signed up with the robot. This means that the robot is entirely automatic. It trades on your behalf. All you have to do is indicate how much money you wish to invest in each trade the robot does for you. That’s it. Making money on the financial markets doesn’t get much easier than this.

But nothing in this world is perfect. There are drawbacks with robots too. The most important being the following two:

  1. Robots can be very expensive
  2. Many robots are just not as good as the advertising claims

Fortunately, there is an answer to both these concerns, and that is a robot called BinaryOptionRobot. BinaryOptionRobot is not only very accurate, it is also free to use. In the rest of this article Why use a robot, you can find out more about the advantages robots offer compared to doing your own trading.

Why use a robot – what are the benefits?

A binary robot has a number of strengths that no human trader comes even close to matching. It also doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses that the majority of human traders might have.

Here is a short list of some important robot strengths:

  • Rationality – the perfect trader is completely devoid of emotion, and only cares about what the numbers are telling him, coolly analysing statistical data without any feeling what so ever. Obviously, software solutions are going to make 100 % rational decisions 100 % of the time. Can you honestly say the same?
  • Statistical analysis – in order to make the predictions needed to complete winning binary trades, you need to understand exactly what is going on in the market. The best way to do that is to analyse a vast amount of statistics. Who do you think is better at that? You or a program that has been designed to do precisely this?
  • Alertness – a computer never gets tired. It performs the same at 6 am, 3 pm, 8 pm, 1 am and so on 7 days a week, every week of the year, for years and years and years. You do not. Humans need to sleep, we need rest. We also need to eat and drink and do physical exercise. That means a lot of lost trading hours. The robot, meanwhile just keeps on going, and going, and going, never making any mistakes.
  • Availability – another plus regarding the robot’s ability to keep working without ever stopping is that you never can tell when a trading opportunity can arise. With markets in different time zones, the best trade of the day can be available in the middle of the night in your part of the world. With a robot this is no problem at all.
  • Consistency – if you are an extremely dedicated trader with an outstanding grasp of technical analysis, you might, on a good day, attain a success rate of more than 70 % winning trades. This means you match the performance of the robot that one day. But only that one day. Can you do it again and again, always performing at your highest level? No, almost certainly not. The robot, on the other hand, only has one level – its maximum level.

It is obvious that humans are just not as good at many crucial aspects of binary trading as robots are. At this point it is important to stress that when we refer to the many benefits of robots in this article, in fact we are not talking about robots in general, but really only one specific robot: BinaryOptionRobot.

Many robots do not perform as well as they should. They do not fully exploit the many advantages they should. BinaryOptionRobot does.

By signing up with BinaryOptionRobot you get access to its fully automated binary trading system. You do this without charge. When you register with BinaryOptionRobot you will open a new account with a binary broker. It is this broker that pays all the fees associated with the robot on your behalf.

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