Published by Sebastian Preiss on March 14, 2016

Free Binary Options Robot

It is, of course, very important to treat any offer that seems to promise too much with great scepticism. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Therefore, traders who are doubtful about BinaryOptionRobot – the free binary options robot – are right to hesitate. But the truth is that this offer is not really free at all. The robot is in fact paid for. The point is just that through an ingenious business model it is not you, but your broker, who is picking up the bill for this robot.

So, no need for suspicions or doubts: you really can use a top-quality binary robot entirely for free! You can read the business model that makes this possible, explained in the text below.

How to trade with free Binary Options Robot

Binary options brokers operate in an intensely competitive marketplace. They all want to attract as many clients as possible, and go to great lengths to make their service offering as attractive as possible.

As part of most brokers’ marketing strategy is paying third parties for referrals. This especially means robots and signal providers. It is standard practice for a broker to pay a robot provider a fee when a new member signs up via the robot.

Now, whereas most robots pocket this fee, and charge the trader an additional – often substantial – fee on top of this, BinaryOptionRobot have chosen a different approach. They fund their business entirely on money the brokers pay them for referrals.

This means, that if you open an account with a broker via BinaryOptionRobot, that broker will pay for you to use the robot. You, as a result, get an entirely free binary options robot.

Because of this unique business model, you obviously have to sign up for membership with a new broker via BinaryOptionRobot. You cannot use their service with your existing broker if you have one.

BinaryOptionRobot partner with virtually all of the best brokers in the business, so this really is not a drawback at all. You can choose pretty much any top binary broker, and get a free robot thrown in the bargain.

BinaryOptionRobot – making it work for you

The important thing to keep in mind regarding BinaryOptionRobot is that it is not only free – it is also pretty much the best robot that exists for binary trading.

Thanks to excellent signals and a high win percentage, you will be very well placed to earn a nice profit – with minimum effort – by outsourcing your trading to BinaryOptionRobot.

The robot scans and analyses the markets, identifying good trading opportunities. As soon as a trade has been found, the robot will execute the deal on your behalf. It is an entirely hands-off approach to doing business.

But before you get that far there are some decisions you need to make before you leave it all to BinaryOptionRobot. The by far most important is to decide how much you wish the robot to invest per trade it does on your behalf.

When you use any robot this is fundamental. If you choose a too high investment, you will get wiped out. If you set the sum too low, you will not be able to turn winning trades into a solid profit.

Exactly how much you should invest obviously depends on the funds available to you. But for all traders – irrespective of budgets – you should set your investment as a percentage of your total account balance. The consensus among successful trading experts is that this percentage should be between 2 % and 5 %.

This will insure you against losing everything when losing streaks inevitably occur, whilst being able to earn good money when the going is good.

There are also other options and features you can use to adjust how BinaryOptionRobot operates on your behalf. These include a stop-loss feature, inverted trading and risk levels. You can read in-depth articles about all of them here on the site.

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