Published by Sebastian Preiss on July 12, 2016

Binary Options Signals

Binary options trading is a risky business if you are not able to do read the price charts properly or analyzeBinary Options signals the market using complex strategies. However, there is a simple method using which even the beginners can make a lot of money by trading in the binary options market. You can make use of the binary options signals for this.

What are binary options signals?

Binary options signals is a service which gives you reliable predictions regarding the binary options market. There are a lot of service providers for this purpose and are generally known as the binary options signals providers. The signal providers have a team of expert binary options traders and mathematicians who follow the market closely.

The team keeps an eye on all the latest updates of the binary options market. The professional traders of the team follow the price charts of a variety of assets and look for the opportunities of applying various strategies. These strategies are difficult to learn and use. But the professionals are very good at it. These strategies produce very reliable results.

These reliable predictions are sent to you by the signal provider once every day. Emails and text messages are used to inform you. You then have a very easy job to do. You just need to log into your binary options broker’s account and make an investment based on that signal.

The binary options signals clearly mention which asset to trade in which direction and at what time the trade should be made. The accuracy of the binary options signals is very high and can be even more than 80%. It means that if you make your investments based on the signals, you will be able to win about 8 out of 10 trades. This will enable you to make a lot of profit.

Binary options providers charge a certain fee for their services. This fee is generally about USD 100. When compared to the money you can make using their services, the subscription fee is really small. The signals are sent at the same time every day to the subscribers so that you can always know when you will receive the signals and you will not miss out on any of the easy chances of making money.

Subscribing to a binary signals provider

If you want to subscribe to a binary options signals provider, make sure than you select one which gives verifiable history. There are certain scammers in the market too. So you need to be smart while selecting a binary options signals provider. The signal providers we list have all been tested, so you can pick any of them without having to worry.

Many binary options signals providers also offer a free demo to you for a small period of time like a week or so. This is enough for you to make sure if that binary options signals provider is good enough and whether you should use it or not. Once you have selected a binary options signals provider you will receive signals each trading day and you can start making trades based on those signals to start making money.


How to choose the binary signals provider for you

There are many signals providers out there. Picking the one that’s best for you is worth investing some time in. After all, signals will form a vital part of your strategy. It is therefore of great importance that the signals you choose to trade on are reliable and yield the success you are after.

To begin with, let’s make a list of some considerations you ought to keep in mind when evaluating signal providers:

  1. Win frequency
  2. Number of signals
  3. Assets covered
  4. Cost

These four are the fundamentals. There are more things to consider, such as reputation and customer service, but if a provider impresses you with regards to these four key parameters, they will in all probability also have a well-earned and good reputation as well as the resources to provide top of the range customer service.

Point 1 should be obvious. There is clearly no point in building your strategy around signals that are not going to guide you towards a lot of winning trades. Good signal providers publish their results on their websites. Take a look and see what you find. A strike rate in the region of 70 % to 85 % is desirable. Much less than this, and you might not win as many trades as you need in order to make money. Much more, and you might be dealing with a supplier that is over-stating its results.

Making sure you receive a sufficient number of signals per trading day, pertaining to assets that you like to trade in will help make sure you maximize your odds of benefitting from a signals-based strategy.

Cost is obviously important as you don’t want to tie up too much of your capital in paying for signals. Usually, a charge of about $100 per month will be enough to pay for excellent quality signals.

Obviously, by choosing one of our recommended signal providers from the list above, you are guaranteed to find one that satisfies these 4 core considerations.

Some things to consider regarding binary signals

There is no such thing as a perfect binary options strategy. Whereas signals can greatly improve your performance, they do not guarantee that you will earn more money even if you choose a provider from our list above. For this reason you really should do some research to make sure signals truly will fit with who you are as a trader.

Here are some possible drawbacks of signals that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Overreliance – there’s a risk you can end up trusting too much in signals to the detriment of your overall development as a trader
  • Not all signals are equally good – only trust signals from reputable suppliers
  • Availability – make sure you are able to trade when the signals arrive. Signals will not be valid forever.

It is important that you still learn to understand the market, and that you attain at least a basic grasp of technical analysis even if you use signals. Do not subscribe to signals in order to spare yourself from getting a binary options education. If you want to succeed, you will have to make an effort.

The availability problem is often connected to time zones. Make sure you choose a signal provider that distributes signals at a time when you are not in bed sleeping, or busy at work (if you still have a day-job). Another way of getting around this is to use a robot to execute recommended trades on your behalf automatically. You can read more about binary robots elsewhere on this site.


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