Published by Sebastian Preiss on March 2, 2016

60 Seconds binary options strategy – pros and cons

If you are after the very fastest and most intense form for binary trading, you need look no further than 60 Seconds binary options. These options give you the chance to make serious money in just one minute.

In binary trading you want to complete a high number of investments per trading day. A high volume will help you reach your goal of making a good average result over time. With 60 seconds options you have time to complete as many trades as you want every single day.

There are many benefits to 60 seconds options. They are available from most binary brokers, and they are very easy to invest in in. At the moment, more and more traders incorporate this sort of option in their investment strategy.

This article on 60 Seconds binary options strategy – pros and cons, will help you make wise strategic decisions when trading in these super-fast investment vehicles.

What are the 60 Seconds binary options strategy pros and cons

The market can do surprisingly much in just a minute. You need to really stay on top of your game in order to make big money fast with 60 second binary options. But when you get the hang of this form of investment, the rewards can be phenomenal.

60 seconds binary options have now been around for a few years. That has given us time to get to know them well. We have both positive and some negative observations that we are more than happy to share with you. Let’s start with the positives:

  • There’s no faster way to make money
  • There’s no better way to complete a high number of trades per day
  • You get an (almost) immediate result. This enables you to get on with your trading based on whether you won or lost at once

All these are important points. Making money fast is what binary option trading is all about, and you should aim to make as many trades as possible. There’s also a lot to be said for not having to put your trading and your decision making on hold for long periods while you’re waiting for the outcome of a trade.

The most notable 60 second binary options cons include:

  • Can encourage an overly aggressive trading style
  • Can encourage over-spending

The fact that you can make money very fast – in only 60 seconds, to be precise – doesn’t mean that you will win every time. Don’t get carried away. Keep your cool and make sensible, rational decisions in accordance with your overall strategy also when the pace of the market is moving this quickly.

The second point, over-spending, is easily solved by sticking to your money management strategy. You should invest about 3 % of your funds per trade. Don’t forget to take the time to adjust how much you invest in each 60 second trade you make, accordingly. If not, a losing streak could have serious consequences.

How to make money on 60 Seconds binary options

There are several smart moves you can make in order to maximize your chances of winning enough 60 seconds binary options to be profitable. Here are some helpful pointers to get you started on the path to lots of fast money:

  • Forget about the big picture
  • Follow only short-term indicators
  • Be prepared for rapid changes
  • Expect high volatility

Basically, you can just forget about the general market conditions. The asset you are following only exists in time frames of seconds and minutes. The big picture – whether the price of the asset will close higher or lower at the end of the trading day is of no relevance.

This means that what happened 30 minutes ago is ancient history. You are looking for fluctuations within minutes. Adjust the time frames of your charts accordingly.

Obviously, when you look at an asset’s price this close up even small purchases and sales will cause big ripples. This means that things move fast!

When you are following an asset in candlesticks of only seconds you are looking at the market through a microscope. On a candlestick that covers an hour movements within each minute make little impact. But once you use a candlestick for every 15 seconds all sorts of movements show up and appear huge. You need to adjust your trading to these conditions in order to make money in 60 seconds.

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